STAT 510 Lecture Notes

Spring 2018

  1. Preliminaries
  2. A Review of Some Key Linear Models Results
  3. The F Test for Comparing Reduced vs. Full Models     Annotations
  4. Analysis of Two-Factor Experiments Based on Cell Means Models     Annotations
  5. Analysis of Two-Factor Experiments Based on Additive Models     Annotations
  6. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
  7. Analysis of Variance for Balanced Two-Factor Experiments
  8. Analysis of Variance for Unbalanced Two-Factor Experiments
  9. Orthogonal Linear Combinations, Contrasts, and Additional Partitioning of ANOVA Sums of Squares
  10. The Aitken Model
  11. Linear Mixed-Effects Models
  12. The ANOVA Approach to the Analysis of Linear Mixed-Effects Models
  13. The Cochran-Satterthwaite Approximation for Linear Combinations of Mean Squares
  14. Linear Mixed-Effects Models for Data from Split-Plot Experiments
  15. ANOVA for Balanced Split-Plot Experiments
  16. Split-Plot Code in R
  17. Split-Plot Code in SAS
  18. More Example Split-Plot Experiments